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Matthew Ong

Co-founder of Learning Playground

President's Award for Teachers recipient

TEDx Singapore speaker

Inspiring Teacher of English Award recipient

Our core programmes

customised for you

Creative Writing Classes (Primary)

Spice up your writing with colourful characters and exciting plots. Contact us today to learn more about our unique writing classes!

Little Big Ideas: 
Literature for Children

Learn reading and comprehension skills through your favourite books. Develop deep reading skills in a fun-filled learning environment.

Educational Content Creation

Textbooks, assessments, creative writing, online material, animations and videos. Our learning and media specialists are ready to support your visionary ideas.

Training and Speaking

Invite our speakers to your events or have one of our TEDx presentation coaches work with you on your next big hit.

About Us

Our Learning Coaches include international award-winning educators with at least 15 years of experience within their respective subject areas. And they're eager to start customising programmes just for you!​ Come learn with our wide network of industry experts and professionals who bring real-life experiences to make learning authentic. ​The Learning Playground is privileged to have an advisory board consisting of esteemed educators from:

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education

  • National Institute of Education, Singapore



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How we do it

Personalisation: Every learning quest is customised for each class. We pay careful attention to each child’s unique strengths, interests and areas for growth. 

Cutting-edge technology: The Learning Playground is supported by Spring! This App allows learners to learn at their own pace, receive rapid feedback, and be closely supervised by our Learning Coaches. 

Authentic learning: Every learning quest nurtures critical thinking skills and reflection skills. 

Concrete learning products: All our students will have the opportunity to publish their creative work in an annual publication.


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