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Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy


1.  Learning Playground Language Centre is owned and operated by Learning Playground Private Limited (UEN no.: 202231863M), a private limited company with its registered office address at 36H Dunearn Road, #02-47, Chancery Court, Singapore 309433 (“Learning Playground”). 

2. In this Agreement, except when the context requires otherwise:

a. This agreement (the “Agreement”) constitutes a contract between you and Learning Playground. 

b. “Client”, “You”, “Your” refers to the Parent or the Student to whom Learning Playground provides the Services.

c. “Core courses” refer to all regular courses, classes, workshops that are designed and conducted by Learning Playground and/or its learning coaches for the Student during a regular school term.

d. “Holiday courses” refer to all courses, classes, workshops that are  designed, offered and conducted by Learning Playground and/or its learning coaches for the Students during the school holidays and not during the regular school term.

e. “Parents” refer to the parents of the Student and "Parent" refers to any person or guardian who has parental or legal responsibility for the Student and who is the undersigned party named as "Parent" in the execution portion of this Agreement. 

f. “Staff” refers to any teacher, learning coach, employee, agent, service provider, or representative of Learning Playground.


g. “Student” refers to the individual who participates in Core courses and/or Holiday courses and whose name is stated in the registration form. 


h. “Services” refers to any courses, workshops, programmes, designed and conducted by Learning Playground. This includes both Core courses and Holiday courses. 


i. “Term” refers to each 10-week period during which Learning Playground conducts Core courses. The Term follows the academic term for mainstream primary schools in Singapore registered under the Ministry of Education. 


j. References to the singular shall include references to the plural and vice versa. Wording denoting any gender shall include all genders. References to natural persons shall include bodies corporate and vice versa.


3. The Agreement  applies to the provision of all Services by Learning Playground to the Student and are to be complied with by the Parents and Student always. Learning Playground may revise the Agreement and the Parents and Student shall continue to be subject to such Agreement as they are amended and modified by Learning Playground. The Agreement will be made available on Learning Playground’s website ( The use and continue usage of the Services by the Parent and/or Student shall be deemed acceptance of the Agreement by the Parents and Students regardless of whether the Agreement (including any amendments and modifications thereto) are agreed to, signed and submitted to Learning Playground by the Parent and/or Student. For Student who are minors, the Parents shall be deemed to have entered into the Agreement for and on behalf on the Student (i.e., the child or ward of the Parent(s)) who signs up for the Services and shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement. The Parents of the Student shall be fully responsible for ensuring that the Student complies with the Agreement. 


4. Learning Playground reserves the right to terminate the Student with immediate effect from any class, Core courses or Holiday courses or to transfer the Student from any class, Core course or Holiday course to another class, Core course or Holiday course, in the event that the Parent or Student breaches any part of the Agreement or as Learning Playground deems, at its sole discretion, that the Parents and/or Student has shown behaviour that affects the safety and/or welfare of any Staff at Learning Playground or other Parents or Students. In the event that the Student is terminated from Learning Playground due to this clause, Learning Playground shall not be required in any way to refund or return any deposit or fees already paid to Learning Playground. 


5. Learning Playground reserves the right to terminate the Student from any class, Core course or Holiday course if there are outstanding school fees that are still not paid by the start of a Term. 


6. At its sole and absolute discretion, Learning Playground reserves the right to:


a. Make changes to the classes, Core courses or Holiday courses, including but not limited to, combining, dividing, transferring, or ending a class, Core course or Holiday course, changing learning coaches or teachers, rescheduling the classes, and changing the mode in which the classes are conducted. This may include changing the mode of delivery from physical classes to online classes. 


b. Deny entry to any Student that appears or is unwell, or has come into contact with another student who has an infectious disease.

c. Redesign or modify the contents and curriculum of any class, any Core course or Holiday course according to the needs of the Students. 


7. If lessons are not attended by the Student, the fees are strictly non-refundable. At Learning Playground’s sole discretion, Students may be offered up to 3 replacement lessons per Term. Learning Playground will assess requests for replacement lessons on a case-by-case basis and this is subject to the course availability. Learning Playground reserves the right to not provide any refunds for any class that is missed, even if it is for valid reasons. 


8. There will not be any classes held on:


a. Public holidays. This includes the Monday following a public holiday on a Sunday. 

b. Days that are designated by Learning Playground as a Learning Playground Holiday. These dates will be made known prior to the start of any Term in Learning Playground. 


9. The Client shall pay the applicable fees in consideration of the Services provided by Learning Playground to the Student. 


10. The applicable fees may be reviewed and revised based on Learning Playground’s sole discretion. 


11. New Clients agree to pay the applicable fees within one week from the date of the invoice issued by Learning Playground. 


12. Current Clients whose Students are already enrolled in a class, Core course or Holiday course agree to pay applicable fees to Learning Playground within two weeks of the invoice issued by Learning Playground 


13. A Student’s place in any class, Core course or Holiday course shall not be confirmed until the full amount of all applicable fees is received by Learning Playground. 


14. Fees paid for the Core courses or Holiday courses are strictly non-refundable following confirmation by Learning Playground that the applicable fees have been received. Learning Playground shall not be obliged to refund any fees paid in the event that the Parent and/or Student decides to withdraw from Learning Playground at any time before or after the commencement of each Term, Core course, or Holiday course. 


15. Learning Playground may, at its sole discretion, deem that a Parent and/or Student is eligible for a refund of any paid fees or part thereof. In such an event, Learning Playground may decide to pay a refund using payment methods of its choosing. 


16. Parents and Students agree and acknowledge that the Learning Playground owns all the rights, title and interest in and to all courses and course materials. These course materials shall not be copied, sold, shared, or reproduced by the Parents and/or Students by any means and/or for any purpose without the written consent of Learning Playground. 


17. The Parents and Student consent to the collection, use and disclosure of their Personal Data (defined below) for the registration and enrolment of the Student in Learning Playground. 




18. In consideration of Learning Playground and its Staff providing Services to Students, the Parents and Students hereby agree to undertake all the risk and liability arising from or incidental to the provision of the Services to the Students, whether the provision of such Services are on Learning Playground’s premises or not. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, neither Learning Playground nor its Staff shall be liable for any loss, damages, expenses, personal injury or death of any person which may arise as a result of Learning Playground's provision of the Services to the Parents and/or the Student or the use of Learning Playground’s premises, whether direct or indirect, or reasonably foreseeable or not.


19. The Parents and Student shall be solely responsible for any medical, dietary or any other special needs of the Student. Learning Playground will assist, as far as reasonably possible, to accommodate any special requests for such Students. However, neither Learning Playground nor its Staff accept any responsibility for a Student disobeying the rules set by Learning Playground during the Student's time at classes, Core courses or Holiday Courses. Learning Playground and its Staff shall not be held responsible for any damages, injuries, or illness suffered by the Student which arises from the Student's own actions or lack of compliance with Learning Playground's rules. 


20. The Parent is responsible for ensuring that the Student arrives, attends and leaves Learning Playground in a safe and timely manner. Learning Playground and its Staff shall not be responsible for students travelling to, attending, or leaving Learning Playground for the purpose of the Services.  


Limited Liability


21. Learning Playground’s sole liability and maximum extent of any liability (if at all liable) to the Parent and/or Students is limited to the total sum of fees already paid by the Parent for the relevant Term (Core courses or Holiday courses) in respect of which such liability arose. 


22. Under no circumstances shall Learning Playground be liable to Parents and/or Students for any direct or indirect damages, consequential losses, any direct or indirect loss of profits, opportunity, savings, business, whether in contract or any other cause of action, and whether or not caused by acts or omission or negligence of Learning Playground and/or its Staff.




23. The Parent and/or Student shall indemnify and hold harmless Learning Playground and its Staff from and against all loss, claims, demands or causes of action and any liabilities, damages, costs, or expenses caused by, arising out of or related to the Parent and/or the Student's breach of any provisions of the  Agreement. 


24. The Parent and/or Student shall indemnify Learning Playground against any loss, damage, cost, claim and expense that Learning Playground may incur by protecting or enforcing the rights of Learning Playground under these Agreement as a result of a breach of the Agreement by the Parent and/or Student. 


Force Majeure


25. Learning Playground shall not be liable towards the Parent and/or the Student if Learning Playground is prevented in any way from delivering its Services to the Parent and/or Student as a result of a Force Majeure event. “Force Majeure” refers to acts of God, pandemics, epidemics, war, invasion, hostilities, terrorist acts, flood, fire, earthquake, strikes, riots, outage in power or electrical supply, government order or actions by governmental authority, state of emergency and any other acts or events beyond the reasonable control of Learning Playground .


26. During the Force Majeure event, Learning Playground shall be entitled to make any adjustments in which its Services can be delivered, without the need to amend or modify these Agreement, or to give any prior notice to the Parents and/or Students if Learning Playground is unable to provide the Services to the Parent and/or Student. 


No guarantee or warranty


27. While Learning Playground endeavours to deliver lessons of high quality, Learning Playground cannot guarantee that any Service will immediately improve the Student’s performance, academic or in other relevant areas. The Parent and/or Student acknowledges and hereby agrees that Learning Playground shall not be liable for the Student's academic or otherwise results and shall indemnify Learning Playground for any claims made against Learning Playground or any loss, damage, costs, expenses suffered by Learning Playground in connection with, including without limitation, Learning Playground’s conduct of the Core courses, Holiday courses, marking of course materials, allocation of Staff, the Course materials, and Staff conduct. 




28. The Parents and Student shall keep all Agreement and any matters relating to the provision of Services and/or all disputes arising out of the Agreement and/or the Services private and confidential. The Parents and Student shall not directly or indirectly disclose, communicate or publish the same to anyone unless it is required by judicial authorities or with the prior written consent of Learning Playground. 


Privacy policy


29. Learning Playground respects your privacy and allows you to control how your personal information is used and treated. This section describes how your information is collected, used and shared when you visit, use or engage the Services at Learning Playground. This Privacy Policy has been developed in accordance with Personal Data Protection Act 2012. 


30. Learning Playground collects Personal Data to design Client experiences that are customised, responsive, and engaging. This may include, but not limited to, personal information about Parent and Student, such as names, identification particulars, contact information, family background, and payment details. Other examples also include information collected from, but not limited to, cookies or other technologies used by Learning Playground. 


31. Learning Playground may collect video recordings, still images, photographs, or audio recordings (“AV material”) of the Parent and Student prior to or during the provision of the Services. 


32. Learning Playground collects Personal Data from Clients, family members via Learning Playground's website, mobile or online services (including emails), phone conversations, registration form, and face-to-face interactions with our Staff. Such Personal Data may include name of Parent, contact number of Parent, email address of Parent, photo identifying the Student, Student’s full name, school, date of birth, residential address, and email address.


33. The purposes (Allowed Purposes) for which Learning Playground collects, uses, and discloses Personal Data include:


a. Design and provision of Learning Playground’s Services, or for purposes of  processing applications for Learning Playground’s content, products and Services, and to maintain service quality standards for Staff.

b. Provision of product-related services and support.

c. Facilitating operational processes which include, but are not limited to, Student’s learning, payment administration and quality management. 

d. Maintaining accurate Client information and deliver quality experiences which are customised to Client's preferences and needs. 

e. Share latest promotions and marketing information about Learning Playground's products, services, and events. 

f. Facilitating internal management and operation of management information systems, which may be subjected to internal and external audits. 

g. Monitoring and recording interactions with Clients for quality control, record-keeping, and any investigations into feedback provided. 

h. Complying with applicable laws, regulations, codes of practice, to assist law enforcement and investigations conducted by any governmental or regulatory authority.

i. For safety, legal and regulatory compliance purposes.

j. Any other learning and business purposes that are in relation to the points above. 

34. Learning Playground may disclose Personal Data for any of the Allowed Purposes to:

a. Third party service providers, advisors, agents or contractors engaged to perform services for Learning Playground under the duty of confidentiality. 

b. Any Staff or entity who is a part of Learning Playground in order to fulfil the Allowed Purpose.

c. Any court, tribunal, regulatory authority to whom disclosure is necessary under applicable laws or regulations. 


35. If Learning Playground requires the usage of Personal Data for other purposes, Learning Playground will seek to obtain consent from the relevant Parent and/or Student beforehand. 


36. Personal Data may be transmitted by Learning Playground to data storage facilities or third-party service providers which are outside of Singapore. Learning Playground will make reasonable security arrangements to prevent the unauthorised access to and use of Personal Data. Learning Playground shall not be responsible for unauthorised or any unintended use or access or disclosure that is beyond its control. 


37. Parents have a right to request for a copy of their or their Student's Personal Data to rectify any inaccuracies. This request can be submitted by sending an email to us in the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website (


38. Learning Playground’s website collects “cookies” to improve the Client's experience on the website. A cookie is a file that is placed on the Client's browser to store and track information about the Client's use of Learning Playground's website. This cookie can tell Learning Playground when a Client enters Learning Playground's website and the pages that the Client visits but it cannot read the Client's hard disk.


39. Learning Playground uses cookies to analyse usage statistics and for quality control. It allows us to conduct research on the efficacy of Learning Playground's content and the website’s user experience. 


40. The Client may choose to accept or decline cookies. However, the full affordances of the website may not be made available without the use of cookies. 


41. Learning Playground may also allow advertisements on its websites. These advertisements may be provided by third party advertisers and/or their agencies. Please note that if a Client clicks on a link to these websites, the Client is solely responsible for the safeguarding of his/her Personal Data as Learning Playground has no control over third party advertisers’ websites and content. 


42. This Policy applies to all Personal Data provided to Learning Playground. By sharing the Client's Personal Data or by using Learning Playground's website or any of its services, the Client shall be deemed to have agreed all of the terms and conditions under the Privacy Policy section in the Agreement.


43. Please note that in many situations, Learning Playground needs to use the Client’s Personal Data to provide optimum services to the Client. If the Client does not provide Learning Playground with the necessary and accurate Personal Data, or if the Client does not accept the Agreement or Privacy Policy hereunder, it may not be possible for Learning Playground to continue offering its Services to the Client. 


44. To the maximum extent permitted by the law, Learning Playground shall not be held liable in any event for any exemplary, special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, whether based in contract, tort (including negligence), equity, liability, statute or otherwise, suffered as a result of the unauthorised or unintended use, access or disclosure of the Client's Personal Data. 


45. Learning Playground reserves the right to change and modify the terms of this Privacy Policy and the Agreement at any time. The updated Agreement and/or Privacy Policy will be posted on Learning Playground's website. The use or continued use of any of Learning Playground’s Services will be deemed as the Client's agreement and consent to be bound by such updated or modified Privacy Policy and Agreement. 


Governing Law and Resolution of Disputes


46. Any disputes arising out of or in relation to the Agreement must first be negotiated in good faith between the parties with a view to resolving such a dispute. 


47. All disputes and resolution of such disputes shall be strictly private and confidential between the parties. 


48. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore. Learning Playground, the Parent and the Student hereby agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts. If there are any provisions of the Agreement which are deemed unlawful or void or unenforceable, then these provisions shall be severed from the Agreement and replaced by provisions which reflect the economic effect and intentions of the parties herein and the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain intact. 


49. Kindly contact us for any enquiries, requests, and feedback:

Version 2.

6 February 2024

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