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2022 English Language Enrichment Classes

Your World, Your Story

  • Start and end your essays with a bang!

  • Describe key scenes with vivid detail and emotions using the five senses

  • Create engaging characters that go through a transformative experience 

  • Use meaningful objects to encapsulate an indelible memory

  • Translate your own key memories into an engaging storyboard

  • Write engaging essays that are developed and relevant to the topic

  • Develop critical reading skills to improve comprehension

  • Craft engaging speeches to present your ideas confidently

EL Enrichment Programmes_LearningPlayground2.png

Learning Playground
Class Schedules

Classes are held every weekend except for Public Holidays. 
Please note that this schedule is subject to changes. 
Parents of students currently enrolled in our classes will be personally informed if there are such changes.

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