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One Heart One Voice
Writing and Video Contest 2024

Do you have a unique story to tell?

Do you have a funny or creative way to tell your story?

We want to hear from you!

Submit your essay, poem or even a video and win attractive prizes! 

Overview of the contest

Signs are all around us. We see many of them all around us and they are important. With signs, drivers know the speed limit and we know which toilets to use!

But there are many signs that we make up on our own too. For example, it rains and you take it as a sign that you need to sleep for another hour on Sunday. 

In this contest, we want to celebrate your creativity and amazing ideas.

You can submit a poem, an essay or even a video based on the topic "It's a sign!" 

You are free to interpret the topic in any way that you wish but you must have the words 'It's a sign!' somewhere in your poem, essay or video. There are also some guidelines to follow so please do take note of them. 

Please be respectful and note that any inappropriate content will lead to your submission being disqualified. 

Guidelines and some important information

Topic: It's a sign!

Age groups: Primary school (7 - 12 years) and Secondary school (13 - 16 years) 

You will need parental approval to take part and this will be done on the Google Form.

Deadline for submission: 21 June, Friday

Format for submission

Word limit for poems (Both primary and secondary): 50 words

Word limit for essays (Primary): 300 words

Word limit for essays (Secondary): 400 words 

Please save all poems or essays in a PDF file before uploading it onto the Google Form.

Time limit for video: 3 minutes

Please save your video in an mp4 format before uploading it onto the Google Form. 

Please note that we will follow these limits strictly. Any submission that goes beyond the word or time limit will be disqualified immediately. 

Prizes for primary and secondary (Poems category)

1st prize: $200 gift voucher

2nd prize: $150 gift voucher

3rd prize: $100 gift voucher

Prizes for primary and secondary (Essays category)

1st prize: $200 gift voucher

2nd prize: $150 gift voucher

3rd prize: $100 gift voucher

Prizes for primary and secondary (Videos category)

1st prize: $200 gift voucher

2nd prize: $150 gift voucher

3rd prize: $100 gift voucher

Daydreaming on Bed

Terms and Conditions

1. Originality Declaration:

   By submitting an entry to this writing competition, the parent/guardian declares that the child's work submitted is entirely their original creation. The parent/guardian declares that they hold all necessary rights, including but not limited to copyright, to the submitted work. Plagiarism, in any form, will result in immediate disqualification from the competition. 

2. Eligibility:

   a. The competition is open to students in Primary school (7 - 12 years) and Secondary school (13 - 16 years) 

   b. All submissions must be done by the student's parent on the contest's Google Form.

3. Submission Guidelines:

   a. Each participant may submit only one entry.

   b. Entries must be submitted in the specified format and by the given deadline. 

   c. Submissions must be in English and adhere to the specified word count or time limits.

4. Rights:

   a. Participants retain the copyright to their submissions. However, by entering the competition, participants grant the organiser (Learning Playground Pte Ltd) the non-exclusive right to publish, display, reproduce, and distribute their submissions for promotional and educational purposes related to the competition.

   b. The organiser (Learning Playground Pte Ltd) reserves the right to edit submissions for grammar, punctuation, and formatting without altering the original content.


5. Judging Criteria:

   a. Entries will be judged based on creativity, originality, clarity, and adherence to the topic (It's a sign!).

   b. The decision of the judging panel is final and no appeals will be entertained.


6. Winner Selection:

   a. Winners will be notified via the contact information provided at the time of submission on the Google Form. Please ensure that the information provided here is accurate and updated. 

   b. If a winner cannot be contacted within seven days of the notification, an alternate winner may be selected.

   c. Prizes are non-transferable and may not be exchanged for cash or other alternatives.

7. Disqualification:

   Participants will be disqualified if:

   a. Their submission is found to be plagiarized or if it violates any copyrighted material. 

   b. They fail to comply with the submission guidelines.

   c. They engage in any form of misconduct or unethical behavior.


8. Liability:

   The organizing committee shall not be liable for any loss, damage, or injury resulting from participation in the competition or acceptance, possession, or use of any prize awarded.


9. Amendments:

   The organizing committee reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. Participants are advised to review the terms periodically for any changes.


10. Acceptance:

    Participation in the competition implies acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety.


By submitting an entry, participants acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these terms and conditions.


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